Happy National Grammar Day!

It’s not a day off from work. We don’t get to take a three-day weekend. There are no special sales at the mall. For those of us in the editing community, however, today is a very important day—National Grammar Day.

So how do we celebrate this pseudo-holiday? There’s probably not too much celebrating to be done, actually. It will be just like any other day for us. We’ll keep watchful eyes open for the correct usage of there, their, or they’re; your or you’re; than or then; and all those other little grammatical bugaboos that are on one hand the bane of our existence, and on the other hand the reason for our existence. We will continue to work with our authors/clients to make sure they are not just “possible to understand, but impossible to misunderstand” (Quintilian). We will do what we hope is best for our clients.

I stand corrected. For editors, that is reason for celebration.

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