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Don’t Be Afraid of a Ghost(writer) Part 3: Why Use a Ghostwriter?

In Part One, we discovered that a ghostwriter can indeed make your work sound just like you wrote it yourself. Part Two answered the question, ‘who owns the finished product, the author or the ghostwriter?’

In Part Three, let’s talk about three simple reasons why you will use a ghostwriter.

  1. Lack of time: Not many business owners have the luxury of time to write a whole book or even a series of blog posts. They are up to their ears running their businesses and doing the things they know and best. Ghostwriters write, entrepreneurs run businesses. The two make a perfect team.
  2. Lack of skills: Entrepreneurs are experts in their industry, but that doesn’t make them good writers. A photographer has an abundance of knowledge about capturing images but writing about how to take great pictures is a distinct skill set. When a ghostwriter extracts that knowledge from the photographer’s head and puts it onto paper, AND does it in that photographer’s style and voice, now you’ve got a match made in heaven.
  3. Lack of desire: Let’s stick with that photographer. He or she loves expression through visual imagery. It’s more than a love—it’s a passion. But writing about that passion? Maybe not so much. So let the photographer stick to capturing amazing photographs, and the ghostwriter do the writing. It’s a natural partnership between two experts doing what they do best, and what they love doing.

Do you see yourself in any of these? Do you know you need and want to be an author to launch yourself as an expert, but don’t have the time, skills, or desire to write it yourself? I am here to help get your goals realized. Reach out to me at for your free 30-minute book consultation.