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Your Website and Your Credibility

It goes without saying in today’s technological society that nearly everyone uses the Internet to search for information they want. Looking for a house painter? Google it. Looking for a good book to read? Try Goodreads or Amazon. Want to know what time that movie you’ve been dying to see is playing? You can check that out online as well. While everyone is talking about how important it is that your website be mobile-friendly—and it’s true that your website must be mobile-friendly—there’s one other important element your website needs. And that is to be correct.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Of course it should be correct. That doesn’t just mean that the information should be right. That also goes without saying. It also means that everything should be spelled correctly, sentences should be structured properly, subjects and verbs should agree in all sentences, and each sentence should end with proper punctuation.

Think about it. Would you consider eating at a restaurant that couldn’t properly spell the name of the town it is located in on its site? Would you hire a tutoring company with a sentence like this on their site: “We will helps your student gain understanding…” Probably not, right?

What you say on your website has a direct effect on your credibility. Remember that whatever product or service your website offers, your aim is to be looked upon as the expert at that thing. Whether it’s the best restaurant, the best house painter, whatever it is, you want to be seen as the authority in that area. Mistakes on your site can easily turn off potential customers, because they may not think you are the best at what you do if you don’t take the time to read your own content and make sure it is correct.

Look carefully at your website. Is it saying what you want it to say? Is it correct? Does it make sense? Look at it as if you were a potential client. Would you buy what you are selling based on your site’s content?

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