Unlock Your Book’s Potential with Expert Coaching and Editing

Photograph of Sue Toth, Book coach and editor in front of a sliding glass door.
I’m Sue Toth, your book coach and editor!

Hello and welcome! I’m Sue Toth, and I would love to be your book coach, editor, mentor, and partner.

Let me help you tell your best story!

You might be wondering:

What Exactly is a Book Coach?

Imagine having someone by your side who is part mentor, part guide, and part strategist—someone to guide you through the complex and deeply personal process of writing a book. A book coach will help you develop your initial idea into a polished manuscript ready for the world to see.

How My Book Coaching Will Help Your Writing Journey

I combine my lifelong love of words, extensive editing experience, and commitment to storytelling excellence to offer authors personalized coaching and editorial services. 

I’m here to support your writing journey with expertise and empathy whether you’re:

  • Struggling to stay motivated
  • Tackling writer’s block
  • In need of help plotting your novel
  • Looking for a manuscript critique of your completed book

Let’s Turn Your Writing Dream Into a Bestselling Reality

Just picture it: your book isn’t only published—it’s a hit, topping bestseller charts everywhere. Imagine people across the globe getting lost in your story!

Taking that first spark of an idea and turning it into a finished book is quite an adventure, inevitably filled with ups and downs.

It can take more than talent to create engaging characters and a compelling story; it can take more than a plan to carry an idea across the finish line. This is where I come in.

As your book coach, I am here to guide you through every step. I’ll help turn daunting challenges into stepping stones toward your goal.

With a blend of industry insight and coaching, I am committed to transforming your writing from good to extraordinary. Whether you’re experiencing writer’s block, plot complications, or character development, my coaching will help you unearth your manuscript’s true potential.

Imagine holding your published book, seeing your name on the bestseller list, and knowing your words have touched the hearts and minds of readers worldwide. This dream can be your reality.

Don’t let your dream stay that way. You can start your journey to literary success right now. Reach out, and let’s tell your best story together!

We can get started today!