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Welcome to my new blog! I’m Sue Toth, owner of Editing By Sue, and I want to help you with all your editorial needs. I want to help you polish your writing, get your manuscript ready to publish, or polish your academic paper so that you’ll ace it.

But I need you to help me help you. Tell me what you’d like to see on Editing By Sue’s blog. Are there word pairs that confuse you? How about writing dialogue? Or maybe you need to know what to do to get your manuscript ready to go to an editor? You know, sort of like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes…

I have a plethora of ideas of things I’d like to write about in this blog. I’m thinking about things like being your own thesaurus, pet peeves in writing, and so many more. But I also want to know what will help you the most. What topics will help you become a better, more confident writer?

Feel free to leave me comments with your suggestions. Then at least once a week I’ll share my thoughts on a new editing topic with you. Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from all of you.

One thought on “Help Me Help You

  1. Sue, I’m dyslexic. Just enough to not see problems in my MSS. I send them to my critique partners, make changes, and then change to font in order to reread the MS for errors. Yes, and still I might have a few when I send the piece out.

    I’ve been asked to teach online classes but I fear making a fool of myself with stupid errors that I can’t see. I also fear blogging for the same reason. Any thoughts on how to be a better personal editor?

    It amazes me how well I see things in other peoples’ work, but not in mine.

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