Can a Calendar Cure Writers’ Block?

You use a calendar to keep all of your important appointments, right? Doctors, dentists, date night, kids’ pick-ups? You’d be lost without your calendar. Why not keep a calendar of important events or news in your industry. Then, when it’s time to write your blog or newsletter, you’ll have your ideas all ready to go! Say goodbye to writers’ block with an editorial calendar!

How does an editorial calendar work? It’s simple, really. You can Google Editorial Calendar and find a template, or you can simply use a sheet of paper or an Excel spreadsheet.

The important thing is what goes on the calendar. This is where that thinking cap that sits on your top shelf collecting dust comes in handy. Put it on, and think about your business and industry.

  • Are there important events that happen weekly, monthly, annually? Put them on the calendar.
  • Are there times of year when things happen that your readers need to know about? Put them on the calendar.

You get the picture. Anything that is important in your industry should be on the calendar, so you can write about it.

So how do you put this into practice? Let’s pick a business…how about an auto mechanic? What might a six-month editorial calendar for such a business look like?

June: Get your car ready for summer

July: What to do if your car overheats

August: Fuel economy and your car’s air conditioner

September: Prepping your car for winter

October: Watch out for those slippery wet leaves

November: What do to when your car hits an ice patch

Now you have all this great information at your fingertips. When it’t time to sit down and write, the idea is right there waiting for you.

Need help getting started? Reach out to me here. I can help!

About Sue Toth

I’ve been a lover of the English language for as long as I’ve been able to read. My entire career has been dedicated to either writing and editing or teaching others how to write and edit. I specialize in collaborating with fiction and nonfiction authors to get turn their books into the ones that readers can’t put down. To try and instill my love of words on future generations, I teach journalism at Bergen Community College, where I’m the advisor to the school’s newspaper, The Torch. I also teach English Composition and writing skills at County College of Morris.