About Me

My whole life has been about words. From the time I could read, I was the one who had the flashlight on under the covers with my nose in a book when I was supposed to be sleeping. I’ve burned dinner, stayed up till 4 a.m., and then there was the time I forgot to pick my son up from basketball practice because I was so involved in a great book.

I was an English major in college, which led me to a career as a reporter and editor in news media and journalism. I’ve also taught English and journalism to high school and college students.

In 2000, I decided that helping authors make their books shine was what I really wanted to do. I combined my education in all things grammar-related with my love of reading and embarked on an editing career. Since then, I’ve worked with a variety of Amazon best-selling authors, getting their books ready for the world to see.

I am a proud member of the following organizations:


When I’m not working, I love to read (imagine that!), watch the New York Mets and the New York Jets play, and hang out with any combination of my husband, three kids, one grandson and two cats!


Let’s work together today to bring your dream book to life!