Writing a book is an extraordinary journey filled with challenges, learning, and immense satisfaction. I’m here to guide you through this process, offering my expertise in book coaching, manuscript development, and editing services tailored to help you tell your best story. 

Whether you’re working on your first novel, looking to polish your manuscript, or trying to combat writer’s block, I provide the expertise, support, and encouragement you need to succeed. With a career dedicated to the art of storytelling and a personal mission to help authors realize their literary dreams, I am more than an editor or coach; I am your partner in creativity.

Ready to take the first step towards success? Contact me today to see how we can make your authorial dreams a reality!

My editing rates closely follow those implemented by the Editorial Freelancers Association, of which I am a proud member. Rates will vary based on the manuscript’s genre, content, and condition.

Rates start at:

Book Coaching

Series Bible Creation

Developmental Editing:  .025 cents per word

Copy Editing:  .015 cents per word

Proofreading:  .01 cents per word

Combination of Any Two Services: .03 cents per word

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