Here are some nice things professionals have to say about Sue Toth Editing Services:


“I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with Sue. She did an outstanding job at editing my memoir manuscript. She is efficient, insightful, and her skills and thoroughness are excellent to say the least. She delivered my manuscript within the timeframe I expected. Working with Sue was a pleasure and a fantastic experience. I highly recommend her as an editor. Look no further, she will make your book the one they can’t put down!” Rise Unafraid memoir made number 1 new release on Amazon.”

–Janine Fattaleh Diliani, author

My manuscript is nearly done! My editor, Sue Toth, is AMAZING. This is my first book with her and will not be my last. Lots of steps to go until publication, but at least the manuscript is in great shape and I no longer need to edit.

–Judy Walters, author

Professional and prompt. I will definitely work with Sue again. She took a last-minute project and delivered it ahead of schedule. Very satisfied!

–Vivian J, author

I first encountered Sue Toth on a webinar and her tagline caught me….I’ll make your book the one they can’t put down!  From that moment I was hooked. Sue edited my memoir and an article. Sue is thorough, communicative, and professional.  Quick turnaround time and reasonable rates. I was beyond pleased with the outcome of both my projects. I would highly recommend Sue for your editing needs. I would definitely engage in her services again for future projects.

–Apara Sylvester, author

Sue Toth cradled in her arms the manuscript from this babe in the woods, (not in years) first-time author. In her editing process, she treated the 100k plus words found within with love, honor, and respect. She applied the same reassuring, respectful approach when discussing with me any of her suggested edits, always highlighting the fact that these words represent my voice and I would have the final say. Any fears and concerns that my story would come back to me unrecognizable after being “chopped’ by an ogre editor were immediately alleviated. In short, your near-and-dear-to-you work will be safe in the hands of Sue Toth and will be returned to you in great form.

-Jeffrey J. Antonucci, author

Susan Toth copy-edited my two mystery novels, “The Swamps of Jersey,” (2014) and “A Game Called Dead” (2016). She was accurate and returned the work quickly. And she pointed out some inconsistencies in the texts, such as in “A Game Called Dead” when I mistakenly changed the name of a character. I am a terrible typist, so I misspell many words, and confound auto-correct. Sue doggedly found the errors and make them visible for me. I appreciated greatly her careful work.

–Michael Daigle, author

Susan Toth edited my book prior to its publication. She performed this function with great skill, professionalism, and literary sensitivity. In addition, she completed the task ahead of schedule. Anyone looking for a meticulous edit performed efficiently, effectively, and in an entirely pleasant manner, Sue Toth Editing is for you. I recommend her without qualification.

-Gordon Osmond, author

Sue has been a wonderful addition to my writing family. She took the time to review my novel in its entirety, pointing out mistakes I’ve missed, suggesting changes, and even coming up with ideas to include that would add to the length of my novel. I will definitely be seeking her help again for all my future editing needs.

–Jason Maurer, author

Finding Sue has been a godsend. Before meeting her, I had no idea that the rules of grammar had changed. I also hadn’t realized how much I’d forgotten. Sue goes through my work, sentence by sentence, correcting each mistake and explaining why it was wrong. This has helped me improve my writing skills so much that I feel much more confident as an author. I cannot wait to publish my next novel – it will be the first with Sue as my editor. Our sessions are fun and jam-packed with new ideas. Thanks to Sue, I now have a better understanding of the English language and how to use it to produce a well-written novel.

–J.P. Grider, romance author

I have been wanting to move on.. so many other books to write, memoirs, family stories, that going back to The Secrets…rehashing everything again is painful. YOU, SUE, brought encouragement and joy back into my writing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kathleen Pagnini, nonfiction author

When you have potential clients and people reading your material, you want it to be at its best. That is why I hired Sue, to lean on her talent and experience. It is a comfortable feeling to know that you are in good hands. Sue is a pleasure to work with and our relationship will continue to grow. I highly recommend Sue when you are in need of her many talents. Leave staring at a blank page trying to figure out what to write behind and call Sue. And yes, that is experience talking!

–Walt Blau, Generic Brand Human

Sue is an amazing writer and editor. She goes above and beyond to help us with our in-house projects. She is very attentive and flexible. She helped our clients optimize their profiles and increased their visibility. I really enjoy working with her and I would recommend her for all of your future writing projects.

–Julbert Abraham, Abraham Global Marketing

Sue helped me edit my resume at a time when finding a new job was of great importance to me. She found several errors that I had missed and made my resume look perfect before I sent it out to potential employers.

–Patty Ellis, job seeker