You’ve written a book. It may have taken you years to do. It’s your baby. It’s time to collaborate with an editor, but you’re apprehensive. What if an editor hates it, or rips it apart? What if the editor doesn’t understand your work?

No judgements here. We are here to take your writing up a notch. I help you fine-tune your writing and get your book to a place where it’s ready to publish. I work with you, not against you. I’ll help you polish the rough patches in your writing, ensure your story flows, your characters shine, and your audience hears what you want to say. Through the whole editing process, I will maintain your unique voice.

I am passionate about writing and everything about the written word. The best part of editing is helping authors learn from the process and uncover how to make their books the kind a reader simply can’t put down. I want the best for your book. Have the best editor bring your best book to life!

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